Takeru Satoh × Mario Sorrenti【 Art Book ”Beyond”】behind the scenes

Takeru Satoh × Mario Sorrenti【 Art Book ”Beyond”】behind the scenes

Takeru Satoh × Mario Sorrenti【 Art Book ”Beyond”】behind the scenes

Takeru Satoh has embarked on the project of a lifetime, teaming up with world-renowned New York-based photographer Mario Sorrenti to create a collection of pictures of sweeping vision and timeless appeal. Preorders for “Beyond,” Satoh’s first art book, will start at 12:00 p.m. (noon / JST) on Monday, November 14.

Together with a multifaceted producer he has worked with for many years, Satoh has envisioned an art book that is distinct from a conventional photo book. “Mario Sorrenti, who is at the forefront of image-making, creates photographs that are completely different from the kind of photos meant for internet consumption and social media feeds. Instead of a conventional collection of photos, we wanted to fully commit to creating a collaborative work of art that would stand the test of time.”

The vision for the project was born out of our times. The Earth and our world have been profoundly transformed these past few years, and our lives are at the mercy of various rules and restrictions. But it’s precisely because of this that we must take on the challenges we can and go beyond. Takeru Satoh, for one, imagined standing at the crossroads of time and culture and undertaking a project that brought together artists of different types. It was the beginning of an art project to deliver hope to all people.

Satoh’s and Sorrenti’s busy respective schedules meant that it would be a whirlwind Paris shoot. Over two days in September, from early morning until midnight, Takeru Satoh met Sorrenti’s energy by drawing upon the full range of experience he’d cultivated over his career so far. They were driven by their creative connection.

The decision to approach an international photographer to collaborate on the project despite the challenges presented by the pandemic was a deliberate one. It was inspired by an opportunity Satoh had to interview world-renowned architect Tadao Ando, an artist whose work he greatly admires. Ando said to him, “In the years to come, the environment will be eroded by population growth, with frequent disasters on a massive scale caused by abnormal weather. Difficult times lie ahead. I would like to see you use your profession as an actor to spread awareness around the globe that we are all living together on this Earth, so that people across borders are united in spirit.” Part of the reason Paris was chosen as the location for the shoot was because Satoh himself was eager for the chance to step into the Bourse de Commerce, a contemporary art museum designed by Ando as the culmination of many years of work. Additionally, Satoh’s 2023 travelogue calendar “Origin” serves as a spiritual prologue to “Beyond” as he revisits Naoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea, where he first encountered Ando’s work up close.

The art book is designed by Taipei-based international graphic designer Aaron Nieh (聶永真), who is one of the leading art directors in Asia. Nieh was approached because of Satoh’s long-time aspiration: “I have a clear goal, and it’s to create a drama originating in Japan for the world to see. First and foremost, that means creating something that resonates in Asia.”

In this day and age when the forefront of expression is digital, it is the physical art of photography and all-embracing creativity that will transcend all boundaries: Takeru Satoh’s here and now, fields and worlds, past and future. It is our hope that this unites the hearts of those who are looking to live life with gusto in the coming era.

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