Takeru Satoh × Tadao Ando 【Art Book “Beyond”】受注記念 『CASA BRUTUS』未公開映像

Takeru Satoh × Tadao Ando 【Art Book “Beyond”】受注記念 『CASA BRUTUS』未公開映像

Takeru Satoh × Tadao Ando 【Art Book “Beyond”】受注記念 『CASA BRUTUS』未公開映像

Takeru Satoh’s first-ever art book “Beyond” is the artistic statement of a lifetime, made in collaboration with world renowned photographer Mario Sorrenti, who is known for his coveted photo books, many of which are out of print. Orders for “Beyond” are open until 23:59 on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

その挑戦の地をパリとし、かねてよりファンを公言する世界的建築家・安藤忠雄の最新作〈ブルス・ドゥ・コメルス〉を撮影場所の一つに選んだ背景には、2021年5月号の『CasaBRUTUS 安藤忠雄×人生』本誌で「30代をどう生きるか。」というテーマのもと安藤忠雄との対談の際に託された、ある言葉がありました。
The decision to shoot the book in Paris — with one of the locations being world famous architect Tadao Ando’s latest creation the Bourse de Commerce — stemmed from a conversation Satoh had with Ando himself for the May 2021 issue of Casa BRUTUS. The two discussed living your 30s to the fullest, and Ando left Satoh with words that he took to heart.

To commemorate this special order period for “Beyond,” we are presenting these outtakes from Satoh and Ando’s 2021 conversation, along with a post-conversation interview with Satoh.

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* For the time being, “Beyond” will be available exclusively via pre-order. Those interested should place their order online by January 31.

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